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The Basis of the Rules*

It is a game that is a loose derivative of baseball. All that is needed to play is half of a hard rubber ball and a halfrubber bat. If an official bat is not available, a 48-inch section of a broom handle or mop will suffice.

The rules are simple.

 1) Three(3) & four(4) man teams. 

2) Three innings w/ three outs per team each inning. 

3) No called balls or strikes "Gentlemans play" (if it's close, you swing). 

4) Home Plate to pitcher is sixty (60) feet (roughly 20 big steps). 

5) Home plate to home run line (120) feet (roughly 40 big steps).


 6) Only two types of hits possible; singles &home runs:

 a) singles - must pass the pitchers line on the ground or in the air.

 b) home runs - must pass the "home run line" in the air.


 7) "Outs" are achieved in one of three ways:

a) pitcher throws the ball, batter swings and misses, then the catcher "catches" the ball before it can touch the ground. one pitch, one swing, one catch, one out.

b) batter hits the ball and it is caught in the air by a member of the opposing team (any where on the field) fielders must stay even with pitcher until ball is released.

c) DOUBLE OUTS can be achieved if the batter tips a pitched ball and the catcher is able the catch the ball before it hits the ground behind the batter. if the ball is caught in front of the batter, only one out is achieved. 



 8) Free Swing - If the pitcher throws the ball and it hits the ground before it reaches the batter, the ball is considered a "dead ball" at this point the batter, "at his option" can swing at the ball , If the batter does not makecontact with the ball, the ball remains "dead" and therefore even if the catcher catches the ball, the batter is not considered out. However if the batter makes contact with the ball the ball is brought back to "Life" or considered back in play. which means all standard rules now again apply, (home run or double out,) once contact is made the ball is back in play. Image
 9) If at the end of three(3) innings the two teams are tied the fouth (4th) inning begins the start of "hit is a run" At this point all hits are concidered runs & at the end of the inning the team with the most runs is the winner. Image
 10) Ten Run Rule - At the end of any inning if one team has a ten (10) run lead the game is over. 
*Your particular rules can be adapted to fit the particular field of play, number of players, and other variable factors which may arise. This version of "Charleston Rules contributed by Victor L. Hayes.